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Vocal coaching

Technique: The voice is a human instrument, and you can learn how to play it. There are techniques that will develop breath support, increase range, power and control . Ear training will help to fine tune your pitches. You can also find your own individual tone, develop and control use of vibrato, create places to resonate different tones to make your vocals more interesting. It’s important to learn how to keep your voice healthy and have more stamina.

Style: Learn to find your own individual sound and style. Explore phrasing, dynamics and use of tone for emotions. Develop flexibility in your voice and create runs and stylings that make you unique. Find the meaning and heart of the song to interpret the lyrics personally and let your soul shine through.

Stage Presence/Performance: Learn how to relax and overcome performance anxiety. Find your stage personality and how to communicate with an audience as well as your physical style of performing. Learning microphone techniques that will make the most out of your voice.

Songwriting Coaching:

Find your own unique writing voice. Learn techniques and tools that will help you to craft a good song and get beyond just writing pieces of songs. These techniques will unblock your creative process and help in completing the whole song.

Music Theory/Piano and Guitar:

Learn the basics of chord progressions and the number system as they apply to writing songs and/or accompanying yourself with the piano or guitar.


We have a high quality recording studio with a Certified Engineer to make your music come to life. We specialize in projects that allow the artist to find his own unique recording sound. We provide preproduction and postproduction services including arrangements, harmonies and background voices. Your songs can be ready for social media or radio ready.